How to set up Microsoft SQL Server

πŸ€“ Who can do this? You will probably need your Microsoft SQL Server administrator to run these commands β€” you may not have access yourself.

Atlan supports the basic authentication method for fetching metadata from Microsoft SQL Server. This method uses a username and password to fetch metadata.

Create a login

To create a login with a specific password to integrate into Atlan:

CREATE LOGIN <login_name> WITH PASSWORD = '<password>';
  • Replace <login_name> with the name of the login.
  • Replace <password> with the password for the login.

Create a user

To create a user for that login:

CREATE USER <username> FOR LOGIN <login_name>;
  • Replace <username> with the username to use when integrating Atlan.
  • Replace <login_name> with the name of the login used in the previous step.

Grant permissions

Crawl, preview, and query assets

To grant the minimum permissions needed to crawl, preview, and query assets in Microsoft SQL Server:

GRANT SELECT ON DATABASE::<database_name> TO <username>;
  • Replace <database_name> with the name of the database.
  • Replace <username> with the username created above.
🚨 Careful! You must grant permissions to the user for all databases except the system databases (master, tempdb, msdb, model). The Microsoft SQL Server crawler will fail without these permissions.

Mine view lineage

To also mine lineage for Microsoft SQL Server's views, add these permissions:

GRANT VIEW DEFINITION ON DATABASE::<database_name> TO <username>;

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