Our 3 pro tips for saving time with Atlan

There are a lot of incredibly time-saving functionalities built into Atlan. Here are three pro tips that you can use to save time for you and your team!

Search from anywhere in Atlan

Atlan supports powerful, intelligent search. Start your search from anywhere in Atlan to find the data asset you’re looking for.

You can also enter a keyword in the search bar and filter your results by a specific type of asset. For instance, enter the keyword product in the search bar and then click the Table tab to view table results for your searched keyword.

đź’Ş Did you know? You can use Cmd/Ctrl + K to open the search bar anywhere in Atlan.

Collaborate with your team

Use Atlan’s seamless Slack or Microsoft Teams integration to share updates with your team. Don’t waste time adding the correct link — just click the Slack or Teams icon in Atlan to post directly on a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel. You can also add your message as a resource to the asset.

Refine your search using filters

Use the filters in the left panel of the Assets workspace to refine your search. Check out our three best pro tips for using filters!

Search by certification status

Certificates in Atlan are a useful tool for letting your team know the status of an asset. You can search by certification status to only find the assets you need.

Search by owners or data contributors

Want to find out what your teammate is working on? Looking for a dashboard that your manager is delegating to you? Use the Owners filter to search by asset owner in Atlan.

You can also search by other user roles. To do this, you first need to set up custom metadata properties to represent those other roles. Then you can filter by those custom metadata properties to find assets with any Atlan user who has that role for the asset.

Search by lineage

Want to only find assets with a completed lineage? You can filter your search by assets that have data lineage using the Has lineage filter listed under Properties

Try using these 3 pro tips to make Atlan a powerful part of your team’s tool kit.

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