How to create announcements

Adding an announcement to your data asset helps you call attention to an important feature or notify others about a change coming down the pipeline. Since announcements in Atlan display the time stamp and author information, you can easily identify whether an announcement is still relevant and who to ask for questions.

What type of announcements would you want to share with your team? Here are a few examples:

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Add announcements to your assets


Let's take the example of adding an announcement to a glossary. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the left menu, click Glossary and select the individual glossary to which you want to add an announcement.
  2. In the asset profile of your glossary, click the three vertical dots at the top and click Add announcement from the dropdown menu. 
  3. In the New Announcement dialog, enter the following details:
    1. From the top right, click the downward arrow and choose from three announcement types: Information, Issue, or Warning.
    2. For Add announcement header, enter a header for your announcement.
    3. For Add description, enter a description for your announcement. (Optional) You can include HTML hyperlinks to direct users to additional information — for example, wrap the text with <a href="">description text</a>.
  4. Click Add to create your announcement.

You just created an announcement! 🎉

This announcement will be visible to anyone who views the glossary. You can also create similar announcements for other types of data assets, including individual terms and categories in a glossary.

To create, remove, and manage announcements using API, refer to our developer documentation.

💪 Did you know? You can only create one announcement per asset. To add more information to your announcement, you can either edit the existing one to update it or delete the old one and create a new announcement.

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