How to attach a tag

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Atlan allows users to add tags to assets. You can use them to identify key characteristics of assets or group them together for usage or data protection.

Directly tag an asset

To directly tag an asset:

  1. In the left menu from any screen in Atlan, click Assets.
  2. On the Assets page, click an asset to view its asset profile.
  3. Under Tags in the right menu, click the + icon.
  4. In the popup, check the boxes to select one or more tags for the asset.
  5. Next to your selected tag(s) in the popup, click Edit to configure the propagation of tags:
    1. Click Hierarchy & lineage to allow propagation of tags to the child and downstream assets. 
    2. Click Hierarchy only (no lineage) to allow propagation of tags to the child assets only.
    3. Click No propagation to disallow any propagation of tags.
  6. Click Update to confirm your selections.
  7. Click Save to save the tags to your asset.
πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Atlan automatically propagates tags for you to related assets.

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