How to search and discover assets

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Atlan is a living catalog of all your data assets and knowledge. It lets you quickly discover and access data along with its tribal knowledge and business context.

Its Google-like search and Amazon-like filtering experience isn't just for data tables. It extends to a variety of data assets like columns, databases, SQL queries, BI dashboards, and much more.

πŸš€ Search superpowers

Let's see what makes Atlan's search intuitive and super quick.

πŸ€– Intelligent keyword recognition

Atlan supports powerful, intelligent search. It gives relevant search results even if your search keywords have typos, singular/plural mix-ups, and other errors.

πŸš— Search from anywhere

There are multiple ways that you can start your search:

  • The search bar on the Home page
  • The Assets option on the Workspaces bar
  • The "Discover assets" button just below the search bar


✨ Pro Tip: Use Cmd/Ctrl + K to open the search bar anywhere in the product. You can even use prefixes such as "table:" or "column:" to search for a specific type of data asset. 🀘


πŸ”— Search using context

The "Assets" section offers a variety of filters to narrow down your search. Here are different types of filters you can use:

  • Connection: Search by the connection, chosen from the list of connections within Atlan.
  • Certificate: Search based on the certificate attached to data assets β€” e.g. verified, draft, deprecated, etc.
  • Owners: Filter by selecting one or more users. You can toggle the users/group icon to filter based on a group of users.
  • Classification: Filter by user-generated classification types β€” e.g. public, PII, etc.
  • Properties: Filter data assets by other properties like name, description, last update, etc.

Atlan's search results include a quick count of all the resulting data assets, grouped by type. As you apply filters, you'll see these counts change in real-time.


πŸ’― Sort by relevance, popularity, or asset name

Atlan also allows you to sort your search results in different ways. This helps you quickly find the assets you're interested in.

  • Relevance: Sorts by how close the search results are to the searched keywords.
  • Popularity: Sorts by how often an asset is used inside Atlan.
  • Name: Sorts by the asset name alphabetically or reverse alphabetically.


πŸ”Ž See only what you want

Atlan now gives the option to customize your search. Want to show or hide certain fields in your search results? Set each field to "Show" or "Hide" by clicking on "eye" the icon below.


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