How to add certificates

How many times has someone complained to you that the data is incomplete or has issues? And how many times have you responded that it's still a work in progress or they're using the wrong data!

Wouldn't it be really convenient if the data could answer these questions?

Certificates in Atlan can help! The certification tags help users quickly identify whether a data asset is ready to use, a work in progress, or has some issues.

You can add the following four certification tags to any data asset:

  • Verified for ready to be used.
  • Draft for work in progress.
  • Deprecated if the asset no longer exists.
  • No certificate if not required or needs documentation down the line.
💪 Did you know? Certificates can be used to quickly filter data assets on the Assets page. This helps build trust in your data assets among users.

Add certificates to your assets

To add or update the certificate for your data assets, follow these steps:

  1. On the Atlan homepage, click Assets in the left menu.
  2. Click on the asset to open its asset profile.
  3. In the right menu, click + under Certificate and choose the relevant certification option.
  4. Write a message to add more context. 

Now your data can proudly display its status for all to see! 🎉

Once you have selected a certification tag for your data asset, you will get a popup that your certificate has been saved.

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