What are asset profiles?

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After you've discovered an asset in Atlan, select it to open the asset profile. This view gives you all the context you need about the asset. 😎



βš™οΈ Components of an asset profile

πŸ”  Asset summary

This section shows important details about the asset:

  • Number of rows and columns
  • Short description of the asset
  • Whether the asset is certified for usage (i.e. verified, work in progress, deprecated, etc.)
  • Owner of the asset


πŸ‘€  Column preview

The "Column Preview" section gives the meaning or definition of all the columns in a data table, as well as important information like the column's data type and short description.


πŸ”’  Sample data

The "Sample Data" view shows sample data for the asset. This helps users understand what kind of data this asset holds.


πŸ“ƒ  Readme

The Readme serves as a wiki for the asset. It's a great place to crowdsource all the tribal knowledge and context that different users might have about the data asset.


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