How to view event logs

🤓 Who can do this? You will need to be an admin user in Atlan to view event logs.

Event logs help you track and debug events received from OpenLineage, providing you with greater observability in Atlan. Event logs are currently stored in Atlan for 3 days.

You will first need to configure any of the following supported sources to receive OpenLineage events:

Once you have configured a supported source, you can view event logs for your OpenLineage events from the admin center:

  • View a list of the 20 most recent events received from OpenLineage. For every event, you can also view the timestamp for when it was received in Atlan based on your local timezone and 24-hour time notation, name of the connector configured, and event details.
  • Filter events by connectors — Airflow (also includes all other supported distributions, Amazon MWAA, Astronomer, and Google Cloud Composer) and Apache Spark.
  • Expand any event to view the full JSON code.

To view event logs:

  1. From the left menu of any screen in Atlan, click Admin.
  2. Under the Logs heading of your admin Workspace, click Event logs.
  3. On the Event logs page, you can view a list of up to 20 most recently received events from OpenLineage in Atlan.
  4. (Optional) Click the Connector dropdown to filter events by the connector configured:
  5. (Optional) Click the refresh button to refresh event logs and view the latest events.
  6. For any event listed in the event logs, you can view the timestamp for when it was received in Atlan, name of the connector configured, and event details. (Optional) Click any event to view more details in the Event details sidebar:
    • View the JSON code, connector name, and timestamp for the event received. When viewing the code, you can also click the brackets to collapse or expand them.
    • Click the copy icon to copy the event details.
    • Click the expand icon to view the JSON code in fullscreen mode.

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